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Nonfiction Writing

Give Your Concept a New Dimension

We recreate, redefine and reorganize your ideas into expressive text.

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We coordinate with you at every single step to generate the text you like.

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Our seven amazing services to you: Plan, Research, Write, Edit, Format, Design, and Publish

Refined Nonfiction Writing Services

Non-fiction genres play an integral part in our everyday lives. If there’s anything more captivating than the truth, we don’t believe it; simply because there does not exist anything more riveting than that. If you come across the recent books of 2015, you might surprise yourself with how enticing and absolutely compelling certain books were. Humans of New York, Rising Strong and The Road to Character are just a few of the names that stand prominent among the recent works of non-fiction. Phantom Writing services at Phantom Writing are solely structured to help you imprint your ideas on your audience’ minds.

Our writers are known for their fine writing skills and long experiences in working with different writing styles. These include:

  • Literature, Creative non fiction
  • Travel Journals
  • Travel Guides
  • History
  • Textbooks
  • Guides and Manuals
  • Essays
  • Speech presentations

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Understanding Your Concept

Our writers are well-learned people who take time to grasp the concept that you’ve come up with. We stay with you from the very beginning of the process till we deliver your work. We do this because we believe in doing immense justice to our duty and your rights. To get your voice heard and your vision seen is our responsibility and our performance shows that well. The fact that we resort to every possible measure we can to collect all the information that might prove to be relevant to your idea is our unique selling point.

Reliable Professionals

Our experienced writers do perfectly well to enhance your ideas, concepts and thoughts. Once there, we ensure that everything from getting the genre right to getting your work out is impeccably done. Our biggest assets are our people who possess author rights and the confidence to complete and deliver your work well.

Highly Qualified Phantom Writers Excelling at Research

Phantom Writing does not leave the fact unnoticed that there’s always more to writing than just creativity! This recognition comes on handy when we talk about formal writing and research-based projects. For this reason, Phantom Writing has hired some of the most highly qualified employees most of whom hold Doctorate and Masters Degrees. Needless to say, our PhDs contribute extensively in getting all your hardcore research projects done right.

We Would Love To Write Your Book!

  • Have you experienced something extremely extraordinary in life? We know you deserve recognition. Come to us, we’ll get you plenty!
  • Are you someone who speaks well but always found it difficult to write well? We’d love to write your book!
  • Are you a successful businessman but can’t get your intellect out? Share it all with us. We promise to publish you a masterpiece to feel good about!
  • Is there something you are passionate about? Something you want them to get goosebumps over? We’d be more than ready to write about that!

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We publish a wide variety of works!

We at Phantom writing truly believe that diversity is everything, which is why we publish a variety of different types of books, from fairy tales to news, from recipes to satirical novels. Like many others, we guarantee that your book will be remembered for generations.

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